Scottish Water pulling all kinds of all sorts out of the drains these days


You’d be mistaken if you thought that running a water utility was just about plugging leaks and taking people’s money. Sometimes (mostly at Christmas) there’s dancing as well. Oh, and pulling mad stuff out of the sewers.

Scottish Water have revealed that they spend £6 million a year clearing blocked pipes, and as you would hope and expect, some of the stuff they retrieve beggars belief. Some of our favourites are…

  • Lots and lots and lots of cooking fat.
  • A Mexican Desert King Snake (alive)
  • A goldfish (alive)
  • A frog (alive)
  • A badger (alive)
  • A sheep (not alive)
  • A cow (not alive)
  • An Action Man (inanimate)
  • An iron (still operational)
  • A credit card belonging to a Scottish Water worker that had been stolen from his wife’s handbag during a night out.

The message clearly is that anything larger than a badger should not be disposed of down the drains if you want it survive. Oh, and men – don’t let your wife take your credit card out unless you want to have to wipe faeces off it the next time you clap eyes on it.

Got that? Good.


  • Zleet
    Hmmm.... So flushing evidence down the drain is not the best idea? Well it's out with the mincer and the drain i suppose and back to the shovel and the bag of lime.
  • Nobby
    Was the cow dead or alive before going down there. And how did a cow get down there in the first place? It wouldn't fit down a normal drain. So surely this shows that Scottish Water are not properly protecting entrances to their sewers.
  • Where I.
    [...] Scottish Water pulling all kinds of all sorts out of the drains … [...]
  • cheapskate
    who the fuck decided to check the iron still worked? and why??

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