Postmen in 'not doing their job properly' shocker


It might be one to file under the category of ‘stating the bleeding obvious’ but a survey by the fun-lovin’, deely-boppin’ dudes and dudettes at Which! Magazine has revealed that… (drum roll) …postmen deliver those ‘while you were out’ cards to us WHILE WE’RE ACTUALLY IN!

More than 2,200 members of the Which! Club were asked if a Royal Mail or Parcelforce delivery type had fired one of the cards through their letterboxes while they were in residence and, amazingly, a third said of them said: “Yes! The bastards did!”

Back at the end of 2009, when Royal Mail were voted as Britain’s Worst Company, this heinous and deeply annoying practice was one of the most-repeated grievances that you had against the company – that the laziness of their delivery donkeys forced you into making a unnecessary trip to your local sorting office to collect something that should have been delivered properly in the first place.

Of course sometimes it’s our own fault. The batteries in the doorbell are dead or we’re listening to an old Sparks album at an unfeasibly high volume. But it’s the Royal Mail and the Which! Club members (and indeed all of us) need the Queen to sort this shit out.

Royal Mail have promised “firm action” while the Queen refused to comment when we rang Buckingham Palace.


  • Mick T.
    Our postie dropped a card through our door in the morning (whilst we were out) and came back later the same day to see if we were in and drop off the item, so not all posties are crap.
  • Fatal E.
    "Firm Action" meaning fuck all, because the lazy bastards will strike if anything gets done or said.
  • Alex
    in other shocking news, the earth has been identified as being round
  • greg
    my postman is a young douchebag with 1 headphone in a knock like a girl. he always puts those things through. i once had a letter rubberbanded to a package that wouldnt fit through. i asked when picking it up why was n't the letter put through, and the old prick just shrugged his shoulders. scum. sub-human scum.
  • Matt
    Best one i've had is HDNL - they use any excuse going to mean that the 'guarantee' they have with any delivery method is pointless. I had a Next day due, didn't arrive. They claimed I was out. When I was in. PLUS, I live at a student hall, with a 24 hour porter who accepts all parcels for us... After this their story changed to 'we couldn't find the address, please supply directions'.... I pointed out that they actually delivered to our place TWICE during the day... After that they failed to reply to any of my contacts. Parcel arrived the next day, no refund of the costs, which their guarantee is supposed to do. Apparently it was definitely my fault that i didn't get the parcel, end of story. Bastards.
  • 3dtv
    HDNL are simply a bunch of twats. I used to be a big ebay powerseller, selling 500+ dvds a week. I bought DVDs from wholesalers like S.GOLD, who used next day delivery services. But because I was selling from a residential address, the courier (DHL if I remember correctly) outsourced the delivery to HDNL. I never ONCE received my order next day as promised. In fact, on one occasion, I ordered 1000 DVDs from S Golds. They took 3 WEEKS to arrive, and eventually were found in the delivery driver's garage. Turns out he was "storing them up" to justify making a special journey to my area. Fucking muppets.
  • robstar
    Someone told me that each postman is assigned a route that should take a set amount of time to complete. If they finish early they get to go home early, however if they finish late they are not paid overtime. I presume it’s done that way to weed out the lazy buggers. Also, I’ve noticed that they have the “you were out” slips filled out before they knock on a door, they probably don’t even have the parcel with them.
  • dandan
    Never had this happen, but on a slightly related subject, I came home yesterday to find an opened and then resealed letter in my mailbox with a note scribbled on the front saying "delivered to wrong address, opened before I realised, sorry!". Now most mail I wouldn't really be concerned, but this happened to be my debit card from my new current account! I'm in no way mad at the neighbour who accidentally opened it, more the incompetant royal mail employee who could have caused a massive issue for me. My neighbour could now potentially have all my personal information, account no. and sort code. And at worst case, what if the neighbour hadn't returned it to me and what if the PIN gets sent and the exact same thing happens?!? A little extreme I'm sure, but this isn't the first time I've had this happen. Anyhoo, anyone have any advice on where to take this? Is there an ombudsan for the post office? I could always just write a letter to royal mail, but who knows if it'll get there.
  • Celia
    I tried to join the mail checking scheme as I am sure that a lot of my mail goes astray. However - I can't do so because there is a time lock on the block of flats I live in which means that they cannot deliver after 1.30pm without ringing the bell. Now - whilst I am sure that whilst there are many honest postmen out there - its a no brainer for those that aren't to know what mail doesn't need to be delivered - what mail can go "astray" with no way to check. For those with the same problem try - - that's if you don't live in a block of flats like me!
  • Celia
    Oops - wrong link above - try Sorry!
  • RM L.
    Last week I paid extra to have something sent to me Recorded First Class (I needed it signed for). The package arrived through the letterbox with the words "Signed by postman" scribbled on the front...true story.
  • Henry L.
    Never had this happen to me, but a few years ago I was expecting a parcel and the postman knocked on the door at the usual time, handed me the letters and said would I be in later as he left the parcel at the office. Presumably to save weight in his bag. He then turned up with my parcel in his personal car a few hours later, which all seemed fair enough to me.
  • The B.
    "in other shocking news, the earth has been identified as being round" Really? Is the earth only 2 dimensional then? I'd have though it spherical at the very least but then it's slightly distorted due to the rotation so isn't it slightly egg shaped too? Back to the main subject, my postie's gold, if he goes on holiday (as he did the other week) my post tends to go missing or simply sit in my open to the elements porch all day.
  • (jah) w.
    Each postie is now doing the work that three would usually do. Management directives are to not take large packets out, but to leave them in the sorting office and card the customer. Even with that, most posties have trouble completing their round in the hours they get paid for. It's part of the reason they were striking last time - if you want the situation to improve then support striking workers. It's the only way management (of any business) will learn. RM lover, I guess you don't talk to your postie? I've spoken to mine, he knows I have no problem if he signs for it himself and puts it through the door (saves me a trip). Though it is not really on if you've never spoken before.
  • bert
    as a postman I must say what is the f**ing point of leaving a is just much easier to knock and get rid of the item...and much less time consuming than filling out the card. however many a time have i got to an address blaring away screaming...housewife screaming in the thros of ecstasy.....ring ring knock knock.....i know some b**tards at home but will they answer the door ..NO. but i bet they would swear blind ..."he never knocked".
  • donttouchthehair
    Our postman leaves at least one card a week despite the fact that I work at home and don't have the tv or radio on. On more than one occasion he has literally ripped the postage stickers off the front so it doesn't look like it has to be signed for (except the envelope looks f*cked where a sticker should be) And the pain in the arse thing is that you don't feel like you can really complain because the bastards know where you live!
  • wonky h.
    We all know its not the postmen to blame for the post going astray, but Billy Mitchell
  • Whaaaa
    Bear in mind two things: a) Postmen have a massive workload of sorting and delivering hence all the moaning, strikes etc. b) Freelance self-employed couriers working for DHL/HNDL etc can be paid as little as 55p per delivery so if they are in a rush they have good reason
  • billybob
    old postie was brilliant used to take my mail to my dads round the corner - he still takes incorrect addressed mail to my old add to my dads - local chap doing the round for years - however 3 miles up the road its a differnet story - ninja postmen - lost count of the time them f^ckers have stuck card through the door when Im in knock or ring the bell my arse - the dog didnt even pick the fuckers up
  • RTB
    I actually had a postman HAND me a "Sorry you were out" card recently when I was working in the garden when he called round. Lazy fart. I was on the phone to his depot so quick it would have made your head spin. They canned him.
  • thisissilly
    This write up is tosh. The number of times i have knocked on a door, waited a couple of mins then written out a 'while you were out' card, posted it only for the resident to magically appear from nowhere and say "sorry i was out the back" or "sorry i was in the bath" or "sorry i was sleeping". I could write a list all day of the excuses that residents give me when they are in. I would rather push one of those notes through the door than leave it anywhere, you never know who is watching you and if it does get stolen.... it's the postman's fault not the resident, keeping my job is more important than slinging a 1.99 item bought on EBAY.
  • positive p.
    What a load of old cobblers this article is !! It blames R.M. / POSTIES and then goes on to say that it means all delivery services...well we are not ALL delivery get the poll right first, then we will discuss it !! As for Celias post...if we cannot attain access to a delivery point then the mail gets returned to your mail isnt going missing , its getting sent back to the mailer !!! As for 3DTV post , use royal mail if you are having i hope , as a power seller on e-bay , you have informed all the relevant people of your Declared income...some people dont !!!! I could go on but ive got to be up at 4-45 am !!!!
  • Reason
    Are you going to have a poll "have you ever rang a bell, knocked on the door, and waited ages desperate to get rid of a bulky packet that you'll have to lug around with you the rest of the day, in the rain, only to have to write out a sorry you were deaf card, then have to rush around trying to make up time, only to be called lazy"? Why oh why can't people use their hanging plant basket money to buy a safe packet container, where packets can be left when they are out (or unable to hear the door).
  • smokerjim
    As a postman myself, all I'll say to the author and supporters of this poorly researched, hackneyed and cliched rubbish is "Come and have a go, if you think you're hard enough!" Seriously look for a "postman - delivery" job on RM's site ( - I found 4 within 25 miles of where I live ), live the life for a few weeks at least, just so you get a good rounded experience of the job, then tell me that postal workers are all lazy, half arsed, idle shirkers. But wait a minute, I suppose you'll now tell me that you already have a job, and it's vitally important you do it, as you have many arduous duties to complete in your day.....such as talking about last night's football at the water cooler for an hour, surf the net and play games for 3 hours, and stare at your secretary's breasts for as long as it takes you to get bored and slope off home early.....hey, it's not just lazy journalists and correspondants that can write poorly researched hackneyed and cliched rubbish, postmen can do it too!
  • Mr G.
    "the Queen refused to comment when we rang Buckingham Palace" WTF?! IS DIS ROYAL?!
  • RTB
    Trust the posties to get all up in arms about this post. Get back to your sorting, you lazy buggers.
  • delrio
    our posties regularly tap on the door so lightly you think you're hearing fairies or something, and they ignore the doorbell which you can hear throughout the whole house! in fact i was once waiting for a recorded delivery letter and one of those blasted cards popped through the door, upon questioning (chased that bitch down the drive) she'd knocked on the door before and no answer (we were upstairs sorting through boxes) and she said she didn't use the bell cos apparently people said they didn't hear it if they were in the garden..... but they hear a lame knock on the door? in fact i'm going to make a sign pointing at the bell saying 'it's not decoration you know'
  • John
    OK so you need to be a power seller to justify one of these, but I get to know when they've pressed my doorbell and when they're lying through their teeth.
  • Going P.
    I actually have somewhat of an opposite problem -- my postman keeps delivering signed for items at the most ungodly hour of the morning, hammering on the door until the neighbours are woken up. I can sleep though anything but the neighbours are sure getting p'd off.
  • postmanmids
    you fucking wankers calling us delivery donkeys its more of a case you couldnt hear the door knocking cos your probably having morning sex with your ugly partner or got the telly to loud or music on we wait 2 mins if no answer then a card get left so do your selves a favor and stop slagging us posties off you do the job for a day and then criticise
  • Multiple M.
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