Online flowers not all blooming marvellous

Shop around online and you’ll find there’s plenty of flowery bargains to be had ahead of Mother’s Day this weekend. But will you get the sumptuous bouquets you see in the pic or something looking more like a fistful of brightly-coloured weeds?

Researchers for Which? Gardening suggest that in truth it’s a bit of both, with a wildly varying bunch of results from their survey of online floral fare. Their gnarly-handed experts shook the soil out of their hair and analysed a range of bouquets ordered from the net with Marks And Spencer coming out as top dogs for their Large Serene Bouquet (right).

Next and Interflora also scored well, but Teleflorist, Flowers Direct and Aldi Flowers were adjudged to be the skankiest blooms on the block. More on the survey here.


  • The B.
    Clinton Cards have a "Plum Spectacular", presumably there's a hole in the flowers for you to "drape" yourself, okay for the missus I'd guess but your mum?????
  • Flower D.
    Valentine’s Day is indeed a special day to celebrate love. The celebrations are incomplete without flowers. Gifts for someone you love could be just about anything, but on Valentine’s Day they are complemented with a bunch of valentine flowers.
  • Send d.
    This online flowers trend is now a days in huge demand.

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