'No TV Smartness for us' say scruffyvision Brits

bbc-iplayer Us Brits might be more of a nation of Luddites than we like to give ourselves credit for, if a new survey is to be believed. Conducted by YouGov, it says that more than half of us definitely don’t want a ‘Smart TV’ – namely one than connects to the web and allows us to view content via the likes of BBC’s iPlayer, YouTube, Blinkbox, Lovefilm etc, etc, etc, amen.

In fact, seven per cent of those who were held down and quizzed by YouGov didn’t even know what a Smart TV was! Ha! Idiots! Apparently, a quarter of us are undecided about the snazzy super-tellies, while one in ten of us already have one, with four per cent saying they’re planning to take ‘the plunge’ over the next year.

The reports also shows that with 10% of ownership, we’re lagging behind the likes of France (18%), Denmark (15%), Sweden (13%), Finland (12%) and Germany (11%) when it comes to embracing the new and Smartening ourselves up.

Let’s see what you lot, a naturally savvier bunch, think about it all... share your thinkings with us in the box below.


  • Mikeypop
    I think ya "average" consumer is just a bit wary of new TV tech and the way it is almost constant these days. Not so long ago, a TV is something you had for maybe 5-10 years if not more, because the changes in the industry were few and far between. Nowadays though the manufacturers seem to be doing their best to shoe-horn new technologies in at a constant rate in order to convince us to upgrade more often. The switch to digital (and to some extent, to plasma/lcd from CRT, even though thats mostly cosmetic) is the only true shift in the technology that should have got people considering upgrades, but thats swiftly been followed by HD, 3D and connected sets etc all in the last few years - I don't think you can blame consumers for being wary of another new tech so soon after probably fairly recently upgrading to "the last big thing".
  • james D.
    I prefer to keep the smartness outside the TV. I want my TV to display high quality images nothing more. I have a media centre for content, I dont want to have to get a new media centre because I need a new TV with a better picture/3d or something and I dont want to have to replace my perfectly good TV so that I can get a newer TV with some new "smart feature" Media centre is the way to go.
  • Mike H.
    I think that we are less caught up in the hype and not dragged into buying things until it is proven we need them. Unlike the iPhone.
  • Christopher R.
    How could you not want a "Smart" tv with extra and better features over a normal tv? I can see why some people may choose not to use those features but to say you don't want a tv that can do that is a bit strange! Plus TVs are not like mobile phones where its easy to upgrade and sell your old phone. Most people are going to wait until their TV stops working before getting a new one.
  • JonB
    I don't think I'd pay extra for a "smart TV", and maybe others are like me. You can watch BBC iPlayer using your XBox/PS3/Wii console, laptop/desktop computer or some cable/satellite boxes. Likewise for some of the other streaming services. There are media players/centres like the one james Dewitt talks about too, and more will be available in the future (e.g. the Roku player and whatever Netflix decides to launch). Tying yourself to a certain set of players inside your TV is probably not the best way forward.
  • Phil
    Meh. My Sony Blu-ray player gives my TV 'smart' features for a measly £90 (over a year ago too). Why would I want to buy a new tv just to integrate the lot... Just for the record though - I'm using iplayer more often than watch TV via freeview/freesat nowadays.
  • Marky M.
    @ James Dewitt Are you Prince Harry's dad?
  • Vitruvian B.
    It's probably less about being Luddites and more to do with the fact that many people have read George Orwell's 1984. TV technology is inching closer to the telescreens in that book.
  • Boris
    I like my TV like I like my women. Dumb. ...oh, and with tits on.
  • james D.
    No, I don't really understand the question.
  • roge
    i can watch sky and lovefilm through my xbox360 why would i buy a new tv?

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