Night Tube looks like it is going ahead

2 March 2016

london underground tube Great news Londoners, and Northerners who like staying out late when they visit the capital but resent mucking around with taxis! Looks like the Night Tube could be happening, after a vote from union members.

After a lot of strikes, discussions, and the rest, RMT members have accepted a pay and conditions deal for the all-night service. It was something of a landslide too, with 84% of members voting in favour of the deal that was offered.

General secretary Mick Cash said: "I want to pay tribute to RMT’s members across London Underground who have stood rock solid throughout the long campaign of industrial pressure to secure a fair deal from the company over pay and night Tube operation."

"Those members have now voted to accept the most recent offer from the company – an offer that was only made after the hard work by union reps in the negotiations backed up by the loyalty, determination and militancy of the workforce right across the Tube network."

Of course, the Night Tube was meant to kick off last September, but that obviously didn't happen. It hasn't gone through yet though, as the members of the Underground drivers unions - Aslef - have yet to count their votes.

Either way, promising signs for those of you who don't like leaving the pub early, to leg it for a Tube service that stops stupidly early.


  • bob
    Between this and Uber both taking away a lot of their trade, cabbies must be bricking it.
  • Pie M.
    They could always use a bit of imagination and not live in the metropolitan toilet that is London?

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