Newspapers' nervous breakdowns continue...

Witth falling sales and decreasing relevancy to a constantly-online readership, the newspapers are panicking. Firstly, a sub editor on Ireland's Evening Herald decides to just put the whole story into the headline....


....meanwhile, this unnamed paper thinks it's a website...


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  • PaulH
    "Wiyth" falling sales
  • Nobby
    Why do newspapers even bother with the full story. That Irish newspaper is great. Just print one sentence / headline that sums up the story, no need for all that text.
  • PaulH
    "Witth" falling sales Ghh…is…this….intentional…brain…hurts…
  • Nobby
    Did the sumo wrestler have the snickers bar up her fanjita at the time?
  • Amanda H.
    get some nuts! Grrrrrrrrrrrr
  • THE D.
    im a doctor and i cut and paste ORGANS
  • foxy f.
    Foxes love snickers bars.

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