News round-up – the best of the week’s stories

bwbest The Best of Bitterwallet

Pauper funerals are now totally a way of saving money bitterwallet/funeral
Are npower misleading customers? bitterwallet/ofgem
Are people spying on you through Chrome? bitterwallet/chrome
Banks cut interest rates on ISAs and such bitterwallet/isa
Invasion of the Subway snatchers! bitterwallet/sandwiches
Stop photoshopping and... er... look at these minors instead bitterwallet/photoshop

The Best of the Rest

Are girls getting a tough deal with toys? huffingtonpost/toys
Shock as walking and texting is problematic wsj/stopmessingwithyourphone
Amazon to bring internet TV? journalgazette/amazonTV
Anti-Google protesters now harassing people at home hngn/stalking
Apple products are gobbling all your data appleinsider/data

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