News round-up – the best of the week’s stories

best of bitterwallet Best of Bitterwallet

Sell your old iPod and make a killing bw/iCantbelieveit
RIP Orange Wednesdays bw/cinema
M&S loans refund ahoy! bw/easydolla
Facebook to nag you with artificial intelligence. WE'RE ALL DOOMED bw/hal
How to claim money back from old energy accounts bw/yourpennies
£6,300 refund from Northern Rock bw/nrock
Scottish theatre and McDonald's go porn crazy! bw/ooohyeahrightthere
Here's why you don't have to pay to make a financial complaint bw/moneymoneymoney
Want to play celebrities on your Playstation? Thank this leak bw/slebs
Is your Russell Hobbs iron dangerous? Here's how to get a new one bw/anyoldiron
Clinton pull offensive Xmas card bw/snobs

Best of the Rest

Google pull Amazon app from Play store cnn/fightfightfight
Facebook to make 'unlike' button? dailymail/dislike
And now, an easy way to make gifs? techradar/gif that keeps giving
Apple have heard of the security flaws in iOS. thereg/badapple
Havard Business School Prof goes to war over $4 with Chinese restaurant boston/outofhand
Microsoft to spill Windows 10 beans fox/microsoft
Which is London's most expensive street? cityam/daftlondoners
GCHQ release teen hacking app thereg/hacklite

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