News round-up – the best of the week’s stories

bwbest Best of Bitterwallet

Being threatened by the DVLA about lost letters? Here's what to do bw/dvla
What do you make of the new ZX Spectrum? bw/vega
Are Tesco going toward 100% self service tills? bw/baggingarea
Student gets one over on Amazon with thousands of pounds of stuff bw/freebies
Top 10 marketing fails of 2014 bw/doh
British Gas hit with massive fine. bw/millions
20th anniversary PlayStation made us giddy bw/psbirthday
TV - is it worth what you pay for it? bw/idiotlantern
53 sites blocked by the government bw/notforyou

Best of the Rest

Apple's anti-competition trial might collapse bbc/iWevs
Starbucks saturated its own market? nytimes/coffee
How much is Uber worth? cbs/cab
Sony hack leaks a lot of stuff, including celebrity things cnet/47000
Haptic feedback holograms anyone? We're thinking 'porn' nydailynews/3D tech
Virgin sign-up Monetise techweekeurope/pay

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