News round-up – the best of the week’s stories

bwbestThe Best of Bitterwallet

Smoking - banned in your car soon bw/cheech
Watch the nice lady tell you that Monster is made by the devil bw/666
Listen to Samsung's AWFUL corporate rap bw/wikkiwikki
Switch your energy supplier in half the time bw/switching
Cigarettes - now being hidden from everyone bw/chong
Nightclub that sells 10p drinks ups their prices to 25p bw/buuurp
Video games - proof that they don't make you violent bw/1up
Tesco's Remembrance Poppy Pizza. No really bw/tributefood
Get Sky Broadband free... for a bit bw/trial
Tesco Value Christmas Clothes bw/xmas

The Best of the Rest

Android 'Lollipop' all set to drop androidheadlines/lollipop
Reddit boss is worn out and quits sky/frontpage
Beats launch first headphones with Apple... and they're wirless bw/earholes
Putin reckons Russia is set for a bad oil slump businessweek/oil
Who has the most thankless job in travel? indy/travel
Amazon are testing their drones tcs/dnnnzzzz
4G twice as fast as 3G apparently v3/speeeed

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