News round-up – the best of the week’s stories

bwbest Best of Bitterwallet

Have you seen the pure evil that is Cineworld? bitterwallet/seats
Councils to dish out on-the-spot pollution fines bitterwallet/cough
Morrisons burger advert banned by simpletons bitterwallet/salad
Are HMV rising like a phoenix? bitterwallet/hmv
What do you make of the Aldi phone? bitterwallet/phone
Keep an eye on your ISA bitterwallet/ISA
Is this the death of the enormo-supermarket? bitterwallet/rip
What do you actually want from your mobile? bitterwallet/moshimoshi
Is Facebook's '' a selfless, loving gesture? bitterwallet/FB

Best of the Rest

How many people don't use the internet? mail/offthegrid
Russia. They've gone even more mental ndtv/EasternBlockade
Insurer fined £8m for mis-selling guardian/stonebridge
Yahoo! offers email encryption hngn/one-click
Is it worth buying a Windows hybrid? itpro/surface-pro-3
Chip that mimics the human brain? mashable/doomed
Trade gap widens reuters/trade
Who owns a monkey selfie? latimes/melfie
Loads of passwords stolen - people have stopped caring tech.firstpost./1-2-billion-passwords

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