News round-up – the best of the week’s stories

bwbest The Best of Bitterwallet

All hail the man who did a dirty protest in Barclays bitterwallet/poo
Do you hate self service machines? bitterwallet/bagging area
How much does leaving things on standby cost you? bitterwallet/bzzz
We want a beer machine! bitterwallet/synek
Government filtering websites wrongly bitterwallet/censor
Pro Evo to have 'in-app payments' bitterwallet/microtransactions
Check the smallprint at the Argos sale bitterwallet/we blame those aliens
Who has the cheapest beer in the world? bitterwallet/burp
Nestle do nice thing, but are normally very, very bad bitterwallet/nestle

The Best of the Rest

Track your fitness through your minge! guardian/vagina
How free with the internet be in 2025? king5/internet
Amazon to fight over kid in-app purchases tulsaworld/in-app
Britain is buying cars again! uk.reuters/auto
Insulation is collapsing energylivenews/insulation
Ireland is flying more! irishtimes/passengers
T-Mobile faces accusations! journalgazette/mobile
Cabbies sue Uber managementtoday/uber
Google are making it up as they go along guardian/google

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