News round-up – the best of the week’s stories

bwbest Best of Bitterwallet

E.on want to kill your nana bitterwallet/energy
The great Glasgow2014 rip-off bitterwallet/commonwealthgames
Where has Fairshare Music gone with everyone's money? bitterwallet/fairshare
Audi salesmen have been lying to everyone bitterwallet/safety
Xbox One - about to be cheaper for all bitterwallet/kinect
Motorola and the £89 smartphone bitterwallet/moto
Who is the most complained about in the energy sector? bitterwallet/moan
Gmail is being messed with bitterwallet/google

Best of the Rest

ATMs that scan your VEINS? moneyexpert/veins
Passengers watch bits of plane fall off, mid-flight bbc/aaaargh
Is Asda outstripping its rivals? insidermedia/asda
Halo 5 gets release date cnet/halo-5
Net Neutrality is a load of bunkum tomsguide/fcc-net-neutrality
5 reasons that Google's Glass is a rip-off cruxialcio/glass
LG go all 'brushed metal' morningledger/lg-g3

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