News round-up – the best of the week’s stories

bwbest Best of Bitterwallet

Sunglasses you won't ever lose bitterwallet/geggs
Do you want to choose your retirement age? bitterwallet/pension
Holiday hell for woman with cancer bitterwallet/hols
Ryanair make man go hilariously mental bitterwallet/complain
Green scammers are spoiling it for everyone bitterwallet/econ
Lloyds will charge you to switch bitterwallet/bank
Where do you stand on breastfeeding in public? bitterwallet/babies

Best of the Rest

Freeview under threat guardian/freeview
Should British companies be protected from foreign takeovers? managementtoday/takeovers
iPad shipments are down 3 million itpro/ipad
Snapchat updates for pictures of your bits register/sext
Vine adds new features toi/vine
Google accused of search monopoly itproportal/antitrust
Wearable tech makes you a better worker techienews/efficiency

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