News round-up – the best of the week’s stories

bwbest Best of Bitterwallet

Customers getting CPP pay outs! Don't miss your chance! bitterwallet/CPP
Councils give out parking tickets every 4 seconds bitterwallet/clamps
Simpleton pays £2600 for a Neil Diamond LP? bitterwallet/neil-diamond
Mystics on the NHS? bitterwallet/witchcraft
Glastonbury is going to be much more annoying this year bitterwallet/glasto
Company that charges you money just for dying bitterwallet/death
Do you trust Facebook with your money? bitterwallet/fb

Best of the Rest

New iTunes on the way. Wants and rumours macworld/itunes
Co-op looked buggered. What's next for them? citywire/co-op
Peak District gets Street View outdoor/peaks
Hackers, blackmail, stealing and fake boobs computerworlduk/hack
Starbucks moves to UK to pay some taxes newyorktimes/coffee
Generation Rent sky/housing
PS4 is beating Xbox One business-standard/consoles
Here come GM foods! sky/gm

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