News round-up – the best of the week’s stories

bwbest The Best of Bitterwallet

River Island mock the homeless bitterwallet/river-island
Hoverboards, eh? bitterwallet/hover
Energy companies are doing everything wrong bitterwallet/extortion
PC World is worse than hell bitterwallet/hell
Much Co-op. So convenience. bitterwallet/co-op
OFT go after property gits bitterwallet/investigate

The Best of the Rest

Privacy groups aren't happy about WhatsApp getting in bed with Facebook theinquirer/whatsapp
Would you rent your toilet to a member of the public? bbc/pee to pee
Are all Android updates just designed to hammer your phone's battery? 3g/drain
BooHoo. Worth more than you. reuters/boohoocom
Big fine for SMS app con theinquirer/question-and-answer
Planes! On fire! With passengers on it! ibtimes/emergency

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