News round-up – the best of the week’s stories

bwbest The Best of Bitterwallet

Moaning on Twitter makes customer service better bitterwallet/social
You're being spied on, probably bitterwallet/spies
Mary Johnston - one of the finest attractions in Glasgow bitterwallet/glasgow
$10 flights to New York?! bitterwallet/NYC
Roaming charges? Kill them bitterwallet/charges
Cheap houses on streets with dirty names! bitterwallet/crotch-crescent
What do you hate most about public transport? bitterwallet/hate
Should Twitter just let idiots die? bitterwallet/neknomination

The Best of the Rest

Children. That's what is causing car crashes. stride/distraction
Co-op are selling their farms theguardian/farms
Behold! A massive aircraft! The massive-est! bbc/huuuge
The internet's birthday telegraph/WWW
Virgin Media's porn filter business theinquirer/porn
Gigantic cyber attack indiatimes/hack
Boeing make mega secure phone iol/boeing

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