New Day paper to close on Friday

New Day

It feels like it was only yesterday that we all saw the release of a new daily newspaper in the form of New Day - and as quickly as it arrived, it has gone, as it is set to close on Friday.

Actually, it has been around for 9 weeks, and the paper's publisher - Trinity Mirror - have said that the sales for New Day were "below our expectations". Initially, the paper was hoping to shift around 200,000 copies per day, but the reality was closer to 40,000.

Of course, this means job losses, which is lousy.

It was a bold move, launching a new newspaper at a time when people were moving further away from buying actual newspapers, instead, reading things online and on phone apps.

Like political parties, it seems like everyone has their favourites which they won't budge from, and trying to do something brand new is an uphill struggle. One of the things that really hamstrung New Day, was that it had no website. A huge error on the publisher's part.

In their trading update Trinity said: "Although The New Day has received many supportive reviews and built a strong following on Facebook, the circulation for the title is below our expectations."

"Whilst disappointing, the launch and subsequent closure have provided new insights into enhancing our newspapers and a number of these opportunities will be considered over time."

The paper was announced as politically neutral, which was a nice idea, but clearly not one that people are actually clamouring for (while simultaneously complaining about biased news sources, no doubt).

Either way, this was the first launch since the Independent started selling 'i', and they are having their own problems.

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