Netflix bring their streamertainment to the UK. Yes, streamertainment.

9 January 2012

netflix Netflix have sprung a surprise this morning by suddenly launching their new streaming video service in the UK – although they did promise ‘early 2012’ so we should be impressed with their efficiency.

They’re charging £5.99 per month for unlimited streaming, with your first month free as part of an initial launch offer. Content is varied, with Netflix saying that: “At launch, Netflix is offering films and TV programmes from All3Media, the BBC, CBS, Channel 4′s 4oD, Disney UK & Ireland, ITV, Lionsgate UK, MGM, Miramax, Momentum Pictures, NBCUniversal, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox and Viacom International Media Networks.”

Once you’re signed up, you can access their library through your PC, Mac, PS3, Wii, and Xbox as well as Smart TVs and Smart TV adapters and iOS and Android devices. No messing about – Netflix is HERE.

There’s more about it all in a very lively thread over at HotUKDeals, which was started by avid member Gunnzie.

EDIT: It looks as though Lovefilm have responded by freezing their unlimited streaming price at £4.99 per month. It was launched as a special offer last month but they have said that the price won't be increasing.

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  • Mark H.
    Well I'll be the first to comment then - what a bloody awful selection of films! Go to their website, click 'Browse Selection' then 'Sci-Fi' and be amazed at the wonderful selection of quality films. I mean, should Chitty Chitty Bang Bang really be classed as Sci-Fi? Also the TV series all look like ones you can already stream for free from the likes of 4OD. I smell failure.
  • Tom J.
    I'd been considering getting a VPN service and using Netflix US, and then this came along. I signed up for the free trial. I cancelled less than 24 hours later. It works, but there is bugger all content! If and I mean "IF" they get some decent content in there, then I'll be up for it. Come on Netflix, get your licensing and distribution rights sorted and keep it in-step with the US! ;) (Like that's ever gonna happen!)
  • Michael
    Their content is set to triple soon.
  • Frank P.
    Oh goody, triple the amount of shit then.

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