Murder suspects are superheroes, too - or are they?

Newspapers are awfully tricky to get right. For starters, there are lots of words. Thousands of them. And they all have to go in a specific order. Then you've got pictures. Dozens of them, too. And you can't use any old pictures - they have to be connected to all those words.

As you're only now beginning to appreciate, newspapers are a logistical minefield of words and pictures. And that's before you get all the different versions; there's the daily printed version, the website version and the mobile version. That's an awful lot of words and pictures to put in the right place, isn't it?

That's why stuff like this happens, although we're struggling to imagine a scenario in which nobody noticed before the page went live.

BItterwallet - murder suspect is superman

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  • Boris
    That appears to be evil superman (see the red eyes and mean face). This happens to him now and again in a dramatic twist of the traditionaly good-goody role he normally fills. Therefore I coinclude that he could easily be a double killer. Guilty as charged. Superman's a fascist anyway.

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