Minted soccerballer tired of being ripped off - is starting website for a bit

Hey you lot, don’t laugh at this next bit, but professional footballers are consumers too, and like us normal folk, they hate getting ripped off by shifty tradesmen.

Accordingly, one of their number has set up a consumer-style type of website, highlighting those service providers that your average thick-as-mince footballer can comfortably deal with, safe in the knowledge that the money he’s saving up for next month’s new Bentley isn’t being diverted into the hands of some chancers instead.

The man behind the site is Andrew Taylor (right, in red), who as a member of the recently-relegated Middlesbrough side probably knows a hell of a lot about sub-standard workmanship and giving the paying customer a bum deal in exchange for their hard-earned cash. Still, the irony has completely evaded him, and his ‘Platinum Players’ website will be launched on September 1st.

The site will provide a select directory of trusted service providers and suppliers of ‘luxury lifestyle products,’ and every professional player in the land will be invited to become a member.

It’ll have big names like Alfa Romeo, Harvey Nichols and Nobu among its approved list and although Taylor is funding it himself from his bulging pay packet, companies will pay to be included on the site.

We can see it lasting for years to come – a bit like Middlesbrough’s efforts to get back in the top flight.


  • Martha F.
    "...companies will pay to be included on the site." So, even though a company might be absolutely shite, they can still be included on the website as long as they cough up enough cash? FOR FUCKS SAKE.
  • The B.
    "The site will provide a select directory of trusted service providers and suppliers" "companies will pay to be included on the site" Hmmm, contradictory is the word that springs to mind, but frankly, it's for football players, whom, as you've already pointed out, are renowned for their bulging wallets and not their intellectual prowess, so frankly, if they're that stupid then f*** em for everything you can get.
  • Muhammed A.
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