Looking for a cheap house? Look no further than Crotch Crescent…

If you want to get on the property ladder without breaking the bank, you could do worse than to search for houses on rude sounding streets. According to a survey by some website or other called needaproperty.com, houses with ‘ooh, you are awful’ saucy addresses can be £84,000 cheaper than ones on say, Acacia Avenue or Bluebell Drive.

slag lane

So get yourself down to Fanny Hands Lane in Lincolnshire, or snap up a SEMI in Turkey Cock Lane. (GEDDIT? Yes, I’m sure you do). And there’s a bargain to be had on Slag Lane in Lancashire. That was pinpointed in the survey as the second most embarrassing-sounding street to live on, with 26% of the 2000 people saying they didn’t want a Slag in their address.

The most embarrassing street name in Britain, however, goes to Minge Lane in Worcestershire, which quaintly shocked 31% of respondents.

But even though ordering a pizza to come to Minge Lane or Cockshoot Cresecent might be a bit of a MOUTHFUL, the price differences might change your mind. A detached house on Minge Lane is £253, 389, compared to a whopping £325,000 in nearby street called Longfield. And Slag Lane houses go for around £20,000 less than those in the innocuous sounding Fieldfare Close, up the road.

And Annie Gray, a proud resident of the Fanny Hands Lane, says it’s worth living there for the LOLZ, anyway. In fact, the name was the reason she bought a house there in the first place.

‘If you’re ever ordering anything and tell people your address, as soon as you say ‘Fanny’, they know exactly where you mean.'


  • Dick
    Fanny is funny.
  • Fanny
    Dick is funny.
  • God
    It's "COCKSHOT" Road - which makes it even funnier btw. BTW, there are hardly any houses along Minge Lane, and they are a mix of dilapidated and OAP bungalows; the other street is full of big, posh houses (full of knobs driving Wayne Rovers etc), so no wonder there is a huge difference in value. Malvern, the (hairy French), armpit of the universe, rumour has it that the local council keep trying to raise the age of consent to 85.
  • Warwick H.
    Fanny bush Lane --- Gateshead St Rollox St keeps getting altered to St Bollox St

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