London Underground - a tube filled with insufferable helmets

The Underground is London is tricky enough, but things get a whole load worse when gasping bell-ends get on and start treating it like they're at home.

Over on Twitter, Chris Smith saw some berk hanging their shirts up, demanding behaviour like this "has to stop".


Of course, this reminds us of 'The Worst Woman In The World' who decided to sprawl out with a book like she was Barbara Cartland. Would any court or jury go against anyone murdering these over-familiar swine?




  • Tits M.
    I find running a hand up her leg and tickling her vulva all whilst mouth breathing and dribbling saliva on her chest gets me a seat quite quickly.
  • fuqstix
    A concrete seat?
  • Mike O.
    A seat in the local constabulary but hey!

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