London black cabs offer 'off peak' fares to combat Uber

taxi In a bid to thwart the progress of Uber, cabbies in London will be offering new off peak fares for those wanting to ride in black cabs on longer journeys across London.

These new fixed prices are (up to) 30% lower than the metered fare and will apply to any trip that is 6 or more miles long. You'll have to book your cab through the Gett app, and these discounts will apply on weekdays between 10am and 4pm, 8pm to 11pm and 2am to 6am.

Remo Gerber, chief executive of Gett in the UK, said: "Some taxi apps charge more when they’re busy. We think this is unfair so we make fares cheaper when we’re quieter."

"Our passengers have the best of all worlds — a highly trained black cab driver, getting you home quickly and safely, using bus lanes to avoid the traffic, and a fare confirmed before the cab even turns up. No other taxi app offers all this in London."

Of course, one of the criticisms of black cabs is that they're already too expensive, and the advent of satnav means those whole idea of a cab driver with The Knowledge is a thing of the past. Still, if you prefer riding in black cabs, then this could be very useful for you, unless all your journeys are well under 6 miles.

Steve McNamara, general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, said this is all good for being competitive against the likes of Uber. He said: "Minicabs can change their fares as and when they want. We can’t do that, and rightly so — you couldn’t have a situation where you put your hand up in the street at 3pm and the cab’s a fiver and you put it up at 4pm and it’s a tenner."

"The difference between us and Uber is that when it’s quiet we’re going to give you a discount but when it’s busy we’re not going to charge you more."

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  • IknowWhoYouAre
    What about a deal where between the hours of 00.01 and 23.59 they're not allowed to talk bullshit, whinge about being so broke they've only been to their Algarve pad three times this year, and not demanding a tip on top of their already outrageous fares?

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