Local news paywall plan collapses in a heap of paybricks

whitby-gazette Rupert Murdoch thinks he’s on the brink of hitting paydirt with his controversial new paywall plan for the online versions of The Times and Sunday Times, but if a recent trial is anything to go buy, he’s on to a surefire loser.

Regional publisher Johnston Press had a stab at the paywall game last November, charging readers of some of its local sites, including the Whitby Gazette in NORTH YORKSHIRE and Selkirk’s Southern Reporter, a fiver for access over a three-month period.

But now Hold The Front Page reports that the Gazette have dropped their paywall like a hot brick, with one insider describing the trial as a “disaster” and subscriber numbers said to have failed to even reach double figures.

Now we realise that there’s a big difference between a massive national newspaper like The Times and local papers with their dull stories like ‘Missing Sea Canoe Man Presumed Dead’ but all the evidence so far seems to suggest that newshunters will give paywall sites the body swerve, choosing instead to get their updates from places like Bitterwallet. Are we right?

(chokes on piece of self-aggrandisement sandwich)


  • Nobby
    The problem with relying on cut-and-paste sites is that they often miss bits out. > ... including the Whitby Gazette in and Selkirk’s Southern Reporter ... You have missed out North Yorkshire.
  • Andy D.
    I think you'll find it's there Nobby.
  • andy y.
    Here is the Whitby Gazette news for 2010. Everyone Drunk.Goth Dickheads.Magpie Cafe not what is was.Nowhere to park.

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