It's Christmas! No really, it is!

Strike up the bunting, hang out the stockings, get ready to set fire to that pudding and brace yourselves for unwanted gifts and semi-drunken familial skirmishes, possibly incorporating incest revelations – because IT’S CHRISTMAS!

Or at least at is according to Selfridges. Their infamous Christmas store in their flagship London branch is open for business NOW. Yes, on August the titting ninth, a mere 137 days before the baby Jesus celebrates his birthday.

Selfridges claim that the early opening (temperature outside of 23 degrees Celsius) is aimed at the city’s tourists, who of course are renowned for storming around the capital trying to scoop up Yuletide tat before heading home.

Similar Christmas stores in the Birmingham and Manchester branches of Selfridges are scheduled to open in October. Far more sensible, that.


  • Mike e.
    If Santa looks like that, I'm sure it's not just once a year they come.
  • reel
    Harrods beat them to it, they opened their Christmas shop about a week ago. Ridiculous!
  • Gaz
    You've been waiting for that shop to reopen for months haven't you, just so you could use that picture. Fair play.
  • Junkyard
    Pretty soon they'll be opening in time for Christmas last year.
  • Alex W.
    It's as stupid as all the shops beginning their back to school promotions the day after the schools broke up for the summer. (ie very stupid)
  • Santa C.
    Fucks Sake, i never get a fuckin minute.
  • Mike
    Umm Christmas is the celebration of Santas birthday isnt it, I though jesus died?
  • Selfridges M.
    [...] but Selfridges had this great idea to start releasing Christmas items in the middle of summer, August 8th; to be [...]

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