Is Ryanair really the "worst family brand in Britain"?

24 November 2009

Bitterwallet - Michael O'Leary welcomes families to RyanairRyanair - the worst family brand in Britain. Marks & Spencer - the best. Who'd have thought it, eh? A no-doubt self-serving survey by an advertising agency reveals the budget airline is perceived to do little to promote family values and not enough to be seen to care or listen to customers. Admittedly, it's hardly the scientifically endorsed Bitterwallet's Worst Company In Britain Poll, but it's not a great result for Sky Marshall O'Leary.

The top ten brands in a survey of 1,500 consumers looks like this:

  1. Marks & Spencer
  2. Co-operative
  3. Boots
  4. Kellogg's
  5. Morrisons
  6. Warburtons
  7. Andrex
  8. Waitrose
  9. Cadbury
  10. Sainsbury's

At the other end of this imaginary tightrope of consumer satisfaction is Ryanair, with only 1 per cent of consumers believing the company to be either "caring" or "good listeners" or "promoting family values". As usual, Ryanair wheeled out Head of Marketing and Jaunty Quips Stephen McNamara to gently douse the news in acidic wit:

"These 'surveys' are about as reliable and scientific as the surveys on Family Fortunes."

He's got a point. A causal glance over the bottom ten reveals Twitter as the fourth worst... family brand? What's that even doing in the survey to begin with? Ryanair wins again - the study really does make less sense than a faceless dog - and nobody will take it too seriously. Although if they keep stranding passengers at airports for no good reason, it won't do them any favours.


  • dacouch
    The one thing I love about Ryan Air is their Press Releases / answers to these types of surveys. How great would it be if other companies actually told the truth or did not care what the public thought of their answers
  • DavtT
    Still would fly with them - the passengers stranded in Liverpool was the fault of Liverpool airport and NOT ryanair. The good reason was that the passengers were stupid as the rest of the flight boarded OK!
  • Nobby
    Ryanair know they are family unfriendly don't they? I thought it was their policy to charge children more than adults to put off families from using them. That way there are only adults boarding, so boarding is quicker.
  • The B.
    I tried to think of ways of having Ryanair and family in the same sentence but every one also had the word divorce in there too.
  • All n.
    Excellent. One of the best things about flying Ryanair is that there are hardly any kids on board - obviously parents are taking the hint and flying with other airlines.
  • A P.
    Ryanair is a cheap way of flying about. The fleet is very modern, all my flights have been punctual. Instead of bleating, why not just fly with bmi or BA? Market forces and all that.
  • Paddy
    I think Ryanair are fantastic-I can fly home to see the parents in Ireland for £2 return including all taxes and charges (Halifax Electron card used soley for booking ryanair flights-avoid all the charges!). The alternative is paying £90 odd quid to fly with the likes of Flybe or Aer Lingus. BTW, it's Ryanair. NOT Ryan Air-two completely different airlines.
  • Sam
    Boots? Why, so that they can sell your 7 year old daughter dodgy fake tan products and foundation by the bucketload?
  • dacouch
    I think DavtT is actually from Ryanair's Public Relations Office as that quote is so Ryanair... the passengers stranded in Liverpool was the fault of Liverpool airport and NOT ryanair. The good reason was that the passengers were stupid as the rest of the flight boarded OK!
  • border j.
    Just as an fyi... Our vote for worst airline: PrecisionAir! We [Danielle Nierenberg and Bernard Pollack] are blogging from Africa and recently did a post about troubles with PrecisionAir We are blogging at Border Jumpers []. Here is the link to the post...

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