Impromptu clobber sale leads to clobbering in the streets

A tiny riot broke out yesterday outside an American Apparel store on London’s Brick Lane, as bargain-thirsty punters queued up for some kind of sale or something.

The flashmob-esque rummage event was plugged on Facebook and as many as 2,000 shoppers descended on the store looking for cheap hotpants and freaky-looking sunglasses.

This spooked the cops, who hadn’t been tipped off about the event, and a dibble squadron immediately swooped on the scene in an attempt to get everyone to queue up nicely, stop slouching and put that chewing gum in the bin.

But the fashion fans were having none of it and skirmishes broke out – at one point a man stood on top of a car and everyone cheered. Thankfully, kettling wasn’t required, although as many as ten police officers were injured and no one got any kooky clothes.

American Apparel have apologised for the incident and everyone is going to come back and have another go at doing it all properly later today.


  • andy y.
    Proof that civilisation is only 2 mini skirts away from rioting.
  • oh d.
  • oh d.
    Is it fuck
  • Big A.
    Are they rioting over the misspelling of Aladdin on the kebab shop? What is this country coming to? Can't anyone spell properly?
  • dacouch
    Rioting over cheap clothes, why can't this country copy the one good thing the French have given the world which is rioting over fuel increases and things that actually effect us.
  • Brad
    This is why I hate everything about everything.
  • GrumpyOldFella
    Eh! I hate everything about everything too! I like you.
  • Ben M.
    seeing this made me sad to be human.
  • dick
    Rome is falling
  • Chris
    Typical brits , mob mentality changes everyone to 4 year old intelligence. More tazers for the chavs!
  • hippy
    damn people cant they do anything right! n where is the tear gas n riot cops battering thier shields with clubs, not to mention the random guy trying to get past to go home n getting beaten up by the cops. Flashmobbing was good the first n second times it happened, now its just a bunch of dss n art students with thier head up thier ass thinking they doing something worthwhile.
  • Jase
    Lmao...I love the screams when the guy jumps up on the car.
  • Nobby
    I hope American Apparel were charged for causing the riot. Why can't our police carry more tazers and rubber bullets. Events like this would be ideal training for them for real riots.
  • Spring M.
    [...] Friday – I was supposed to go to the American Apparel Rummage Sale on Brick Lane, but as you can see, that would not have been a lot of fun. This entry was posted in Adventures and tagged [...]

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