How to travel around London during the Tube strike

The Tube strike kicks off today which, naturally, is of zero concern to anyone outside of London, apart from laughing at the misfortune of those in the capital.

If you do live in London, or are currently on holiday there, then here's some things you might want to know.

If you're navigating the city by working out the proximity of things to various Tube stops, if you've decided to walk, here's a great map which shows you how close the Underground stations are to each other, on foot.


You can click on that map to enlarge. If it doesn't work, check out the site of Joe Watson and Aryven Arasen, who put the map together. The map also includes some of the more famous landmarks of the city which you can gawp at while you use your legs.

If that doesn't do it for you, you could jump on a Santander Cycle (the Artist Formerly Known As Boris Bike). On the cycling scheme website, you can plan your journey while the trains aren't running today and tomorrow.

Of course, the buses will be chaos during this strike, and the roads are likely to be congested from the increase in cars, taxis and whatever else. If you like, you could use the Thames Clipper boat service, which stops include Putney, Wandsworth Riverside, Chelsea Harbour, London Eye, Embankment, Blackfriars, Bankside, London Bridge, Tower Hill, Canary Wharf and Greenwich. There will be extra services between Central London and Canary Wharf and between Central London and Putney.

You're advised to complete your Tube journeys by 6pm on Wednesday, and travel earlier if possible. It is thought that the Tube will be "exceptionally busy" between 4pm and 6pm and will begin to stop running after this time. There will be no Tubes in action at all on the Thursday and the disruption may go on into Friday morning.

So there you go - cycle, travel by boat, walk, catch a bus or, get a taxi. If you can't be bothered with all that, throw a sickie from work.

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