High streets tingle with excitement at thought of Microsoft stores entering them

26 June 2012

microsoft-logo-retro It’s been mooted for a while now, but it looks as though Microsoft shops could soon be coming to UK high streets, with all of the Gatesian goodies available under one roof for you, the rabid consumer.

They already have some in the USA and Canada, and the The Verge claims that the first UK one will be open during March 2013 – with a dedicated online store opening for business later this summer.

Microsoft's chief operating officer, Kevin Turner, said last year that they’re aiming to open 75 new retail stores over the next two years, in addition to the 19 stores that they already have. You’re all excited, right? RIGHT??

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  • Wongaporkpies
    UK stores will have Technical issues. The Automatic doors will stick half way open, requiring a store manager to perform a store reboot.
  • Cutter
    The windows will all be blue
  • Filter P.
    Dogs with only two nipples, it's not right I tell you.
  • Peppa p.
    Who you gonna meet today? Huxley pig. Oink oink.
  • Filter P.
    A new dream every day, Huxley Pig. oink oink. He was a right cunt, I have it on good authority that he was a total bastard to Sam the Seagull and would make fly in circles while Huxley would throw stones at him.
  • Filter P.
    And don't get me started on Vincent. That guy would make "Capability" Bowes seem fairly straight.
  • zax
    Why does MS want stores? Why does Apple need a store ? Best Buy got nowhere, why is Microsoft trying to follow them ?
  • fra
    awwww I wanted to see a pic of a tingling high street accompanying this story.

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