Guardian Extra - a paywall made of cotton wool

Extra-logo-006 As Rupert Murdoch gets ready to up the paywall around his newspapers, The Guardian have come up with their own alternative way to get some more cash out of readers who are increasingly keen to get their content for free online.

It’s Guardian Extra and they want you to think of it as less of a nasty, restrictive paywall thing and more of a groovy inclusive club. It’ll only cost £25 for a year’s membership and return you’ll get special offers (jazz, opera, Shakespeare, Diggerland) and exclusive invitations to talks. Subscribers to the print version of the paper will get Extra status for free.

There’ll even be visits to The Guardian’s offices, so that you can hopefully meet some of your favourite journos, maybe weaving some yoghurt with them or enjoying a cup of mung bean soup.

Obviously you won’t just be able to turn up whenever you like – we imagine you’ll be shepherded around the place like some weird overgrown kids on a school trip to a farm.

What’s it going to be then - £100 for a year of The Times online or £25 for a woolly sort of club thing with Guardian Extra? Or neither? Hmmm…


  • Nobby
    Fuck it, I'll read the METRO.
  • Alabaster C.
    How bloody DARE they try and keep their 190 year old business alive in the face of new technological challenges. How bloody DARE they.
  • Wonky H.
    Rupert Murdoch owns a TV network called fox.
  • leeisgod
    he bums them while eating badgers.......................out
  • Rachel
    I don't understand the logo...
  • Peacecap J.
    Hello Alabaster. I want buzz to come back and clear my dirties with his soapy fish.
  • Joe
    Sounds good to me. Already a subscriber, so I get a great paper relatively cheap and now get discounts on top. Nicely done, Guardian.
  • wonky h.
    Doesn't Joe sound like a typical Guardian reader. One wonders what on earth they are doing hanging around on the dark corners of BW.
  • james
    Doesn't really seem like you'd be able to take advantage of the majority of discounts unless you're based in London, but I would like to see the Guardian stay afloat, as it's one of the relatively few left-wing(ish) papers in a sea of Tory shite so might subscribe anyway!
  • Jack T.
    Pay money to the Guardian. No thanks. But then again £25 to get to tell those worthless lying hacks what I think of them face to face could be worth it.
  • Patrick K.
    Oh Dear, If the above comments are indicative of the intellectual quality of the on-line readership of the Gaurdian - METRO probably is too sophisticated, perhaps the Beano or the Daily Sport will satisfy? The whole point of these initiatives is to get rid of the casual browser who does not read the quality content and focus on the 5% to 10% of the reader base who do and who value it. Why should newspapers (or anyoine else for that matter) give their journalism away for free. If all you want is the headlines and funnies - use google and view trash agregated sites. The news industry is undergoing the digital equivalent of swaping High Street window shoppers for customers who actualy spend money in the store.

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