Going by train still a huge financial strain in the UK

You might be one of those people who feels you get a good deal when travelling up and down Britain’s railway network. If so, you’re probably also one of those people who gets their head stuck in the railings every time they go to the park. You probably also point up into the sky at aeroplanes and yell, “Meeurrgh! Iron birdy come!”

That’s because the cost of UK rail travel in comparison to the rest of Europe is nothing short of a sodding disgrace. Train watchdog Passenger Focus have found that when it comes to short-notice trips, fares cost as much as four times more than elsewhere on this fine bundeskontinent where we all dwell.

The survey looked at long-distance, turn-up-and-go day-return fares and found that, on the whole, British passengers were consistently shafted on ticket prices, with Bob Crow, of the Rail Maritime and Transport union describing it as “…a legalised scam that imposes inflation-busting increases year on year to feed the massive profits of train operators.”

Major train operators were unavailable for comment as they were busy at a get-together in the Maldives, quaffing nectar and feasting on roasted swan’s nipples. Probably.

EDIT:  Apologies for posting a pornographic image earlier even though it was in fact in no way pornographic. The image has been now rendered more appropriate. Apologies if some of you get turned on by a woman standing on a table.


  • Noghar
    Of course it was John Major's government, desperately fishing around for some bold Thatcherite policies to make themselves look busy, who came up with the monumentally stupid and botched privatisation of the railways into a morass of tracks and trains and maintenance companies. Just wait till a Labour Government gets elected, they'll sort out the mess!. Um, wait a minute...
  • Cas
    i hope thats photo shopped. put it away!
  • Andy D.
    Sadly, it is a real pic. Fortunately, parts of it are pixelated.
  • johnny
    no need for that 'amusing' pic, worse than the swearign etc this can be seen with a quick glance and doesn't really contribute anything - pathetic
  • peter m.
    I understand all about it ... am a frequent commuter.... and it doesnt seem to matter how far in advance i book the tickets now... they all seem expensive!!! bloody rip off railway companies!!!!
  • Michel
    http://www.bitterwallet.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/mucky-train.jpg Not sure what you can see Johnny - unless you have eyes like a fly.
  • andy y.
    Lads please don't porn images on Bitterwallet. No-one wants to get the sack viewing BW at work.
  • Daniel B.
    Re: yarm Don't loo at Bitterwallet whilst you're supposed to be working then!
  • Ian
    I'm outta here. I like your site, but porn just isn't appropriate. This site's been getting worse and worse.
  • Fred C.
    Italian, Portugese, German , French ....etc railway companies are run by Italian, Portugese , German , French employees who have a lower unit total cost of labour deployment (as illustrated by the recent company like Total) those lower costs and higher efficiency result in lower prices for their customers. However the UK rail fares are much higher for exactly the opposite reasons.
  • jaysexy212005
    Disgusting picture
  • andy y.
    now it's even more obscene
  • perv
    Nice Bush
  • Jimbo
    Where is the picture of Gordon Broon hole hiding?
  • johnny
    still pathetic even after the 'incredible' censorship michel - if you had more than the brain of a fly then you'd not need to make such stupid statements
  • Michel
    but you couldn't see anything, it was pixellated, Stop being such an arse.
  • Martin S.
    Frapp Frapp - great picture!
  • David
    Pic still is offensive. Don't need this kind of crap here.
  • Kevin J.
    Seriously you guys suck at writiing articles and choose the most awful pictures. You make yourselves look like utter fools.
  • badmanz
    Its been said before, if this blog wasn't linked from HUKD it would be dead already. HUKD is a site people waste time on when they have time to waste, to browse all the offers on display will take time. Which is why people click on the BW links, just 'cos their there. How about removing the side bar from HUKD, and just a word link on the corner for people to cross over to BW. See how many hits you get then!
  • DragonChris
    I rather enjoy reading BW, even though it's now blocked in work. Get a life kids, if you don't like it, fuck off and stick to trolling the HUKD misc forums. OMG A PIC OF A WOMAN! *FLAMES* Pfft, the original was pixelated, hardly fecking porn. If you prefer wittier articles, with plenty of meat in it, read the Sun... Oh wait, it has boobs too.
  • Tom
    everyone complaining about the pixelated photo is hilarious how prudish can you get? lol so funny. have you not seen a naked person before?
  • OFI
    Train prices are just plain ridiculous these days and the whole onlien ticket system is stupid. The other week a friend wanted to visit so we looked online to get some tickets for her and found some at a reasonable price but it was too late to have them delivered, she wouldn't be able to collect them herself as she wouldn't have the card the tickets were ordered with. Same happened with my younger sister a couple of months back, mum ordered tickets for her and then she couldn't collect them. Mum ended up paying for a second set of tickets over the phone which they accepted. Stupid stupid system. Just got back from London with my girlfriend. To get a train to St Pancreas would cost us £61 each for a train. Instead it cost us £39 to park in London for 3 days including taxi travel to and from the station and less than £20 worth of petrol. How on earth can it cost less to DRIVE and park in London than 2 poxy tickets for a relatively short journey (100 miles maybe)

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