Get yourself a Visa card if you want London Olympic tickets


Are you hoping to eyeball a piece of the dramatic London Olympic 2012 action? Well you’d better make sure you’ve got a Visa card to book the tickets with. Almost hilariously, that’s the rule that has been put into place by the organisers of the Olympics (they’ll probably charge us for using the word)

It’s all because Visa are the official card payment method for the Olympics and have been since Seoul in 1988. At Olympic venues, Visa debit and credit cards will be the only ones accepted at cash machines and shops, and not surprisingly, the Office of Fair Trading has raised a quizzical eyebrow at it all, before roaring: “The OFT and the European Commission are aware of these issues and are currently in discussion about what action, if any, should be taken.” Oooh, brace yourselves – there’s gonna be a rumble!

Visa have made it clear that this isn’t some kind of card payment version of ethnic cleansing and that pesky non-Visa card holders can buy a pre-pay Visa card for the duration of the Games. They also said something about sponsorship and exclusivity and how it all allows the Olympic Committee to raise the funds required to stage the games. The largely profitable games that is.

So, if you want Olympic tickets, the message seems to be to get prepared and tool yourself up with a Visa card of some kind. We’re now off to tool ourselves up with some chip butties – the official potato-based lunch partner of Bitterwallet 2010.


  • Jim P.
    The largely profitable games for everyone except the British people. Scrap these bloody games now before they spend another penny on them! Just tell them to shove it.
  • James C.
    In the photo caption, you write: "Put the Electron cards back in your pockets lads - they're not welcome here" You blummin' idiots! The VISA Electron will, naturally, be welcome. Because it's a VISA card! Have you been drinking again?
  • Andy D.
    Sorry James, we've got a work experience kid doing the captions this week. Some berk in a horse's head....
  • The B.
    Bizarre that, I would have thought that the one section of society who couldn't afford tickets would be people who owned Visa Electron cards.
  • Prices B.
    [...] is worth remembering that you’ll need a Visa card for all this. Why? Well, read our report on the Olympics slightly dodgy look on [...]

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