Every Post Office closed thanks to glitch

Every Post Office closed thanks to glitch

A major glitch has hit every Post Office in the UK, leaving many people unable to pay bills and other tasks.

The Post Office tweeted: "We're aware of issues with counter services at some branches. We're working urgently to resolve and apologise for inconvenience or delay."

So, if you're considering going to do your business at a Post Office today, to save yourself from walking to loads of different branches, save yourself the bother as they're all affected.

Some branches of the Post Office have even been closed entirely, although the glitch seems to have been fixed now, which should mean that things are returning to normal.

We can't guarantee it though, so don't be complaining to us if you get to your local branch and everything is up in the air.

A Post Office spokeswoman said: “We apologise to customers for any inconvenience or delay caused by issues with our counter services at some branches earlier this morning. This has now been resolved."

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