EU won't budge on plain cigarette packets

EU Cigarette packets

The European Union isn't going to budge on their decision to have cigarettes sold in plain packaging, after tobacco firms failed in their bid to block the new laws.

The highest court in Europe upheld the law that is going to 'standardise' cigarette packaging, as well as banning the advertising of e-cigarettes. If they want to make packets of cigs look really unappealing, just make sure all the typefaces on it are Comic Sans.

The Court of Justice said that the new laws "did not go beyond the limits of what is appropriate and necessary".

So what will the packets look like? Well, basically, 65% of the front and back of the packaging will have to be covered in health warnings, not that smoking enthusiasts have been put off by them thus far.

These rules will be coming into play from 20th May, but of course, shops will have to sell all their old stock first. At some point over summer, we suspect that there's going to be a lot of cigarette tins being sold.

Smoke-vendors Philip Morris International and British American Tobacco (BAT) challenged this legislation, saying that they were overstepping the mark and directing laws in their member countries.

A BAT spokesperson said: "We stand by our belief that the Tobacco Products Directive is a clear example of the EU overstepping the limits of its authority. The reality is that many elements of the directive are disproportionate, distort competition, and fail to respect the autonomy of the Member States."

Meanwhile, in the UK, the government are looking to bring in plain packaging, which of course, is being challenged by the tobacco companies.

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