eBay is here to reignite the ailing high street! Or something

bitterwallet - ebay logo Listen up! eBay is coming to the High Street! Eh? How does that work? We’re not sure, but we’ll try and explain it to you.

It’s all going to happen in the West End of London, and for five days only fron 1st December. It’ll be a ‘pop-up shop’, which to us translates as ‘easily smashed to bits’ but never mind. Oh, and there’ll be no tills either. Shoppers will pay with their smartphones, scanning one of those psychedelic QR codes that will take them to the payment section of eBay’s website.

Oh, and the shop won’t sell any actual stuff that you can walk away with on the day. There’ll be just 200 best-selling items in the ‘pop-up shop’ and if you purchase any of them, they’ll be delivered to your home in the normal way.

So, essentially, it’ll be a souped-up internet café. Which we suspect will be easily smashed up. Thanks eBay – we’ll see you THERE!


  • Dick
    So it's like shopping on the internet without the convenience of shopping on the internet, and also like shopping on the high street without the advantages of shopping on the high street - actually seeing the item you are buying for real and being able to take it home on the day. That'll work.
  • The B.
    Pop up shop? Like a tent or something? Will it be in St Pauls?
  • Sicknote
    Seeing as Ebay is full of cheap Chinese counterfeit goods or random tat sold by overweight housebound diabetics how in the name of all things holy is a shop going to work. Besides, doesn't the network of 99p shops already plug that gap in the market.
  • Capability B.
    So what about us people who dont have smartphones?
  • Frank P.
    What is Ebay?

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