Dogs in football grounds about to make a comeback?

Here’s a hot deal for owners of football-loving dogs who might have believed that there was nowhere to take their pooches, thanks to outdated and ridiculous laws. You and your mutt are seemingly welcome in the away end at Loftus Road, if this footage from last night’s tussle between QPR and Sunderland is to be believed.

Don’t forget to take along some treats and a bowl of water....


  • Randall W.
    Actually, for years they have been letting dogs into the Molineux.
  • fox b.
    What about foxes?
  • Idi A.
    Any idea how take-up for the Times' subscription is going?
  • Boneo
    I think a better headline would have been Cunt dressed in dog outfit seen at football match
  • Boneo
    Ah, there are cunts with iPhones at everymatch, so that would not be a headline. What's the similarity between iPhones and clitoris'? Every cunt's got one!
  • John S.
    Actually Boneo my wife only has an iPhone.

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