Deathwatch: Missed payment another nail in Setanta's coffin?

The end seems nigh for Setanta after the ailing sports broadcaster defaulted on a £3 million payment that was due to the Scottish Premier League at the beginning of this month. Both the SPL and Setanta themselves are refusing to comment on the situation but the pay-per-view broadcaster could well be about to buckle under the weight of their financial obligations, after a search for fresh investment failed to garner significant results.

Setanta, who lest we forget are the current holders of Bitterwallet’s Worst Company In Britain award, got into trouble earlier in the year when they failed to retain their 46-game Premier League package beyond the end of next season. From 2010-11, they’ll have just 23 top-flight matches, and are customers really going to continue to shell out the current £12.99 monthly subscription for that?

The company are believed to be spilling subscribers left right and centre as the footy-less close season arrives and the recession makes their customers think hard about whether they’re getting value for money from Setanta. Their notoriously crappy customer service certainly hasn’t done them any favours over the years, and they’re currently offering potential cancellers a three month deal at just £3.33 a month.

Fresh investment into a company that is looking more and more toxic by the day seems unlikely, and it could be a slow and painful death for Setanta over the coming months.


  • Jeffrey
    Sucks to be Des Lynam
  • abc
    I was told its all over for Setanta
  • Ga W.
    I cant see them Surviving much longer, They really needed to keep the same amount of games as they have in previous seasons after all its the EPL Games that gets most of the people to subcribe to it. I would expect them to be gone in 6 Months, as they will lose a hugh amount of customers now the footy season is over and when those people try to cancel the terrible customer service will also be exposed to more people tarring the companies name futher if my experience was anything to go by.
  • chrisg.
    Only question now is who gets their EPL package?
  • ronnie
    EPL! who cares! i can't wait for them to fold. get everything they deserve.
  • MinstrelMan
    still...... lasted longer than ITV digital
  • Jimmy
    I think it's a joke that people are looking and happy for them to fold.More jobs lost.Hooray! Some people would need to wise up.
  • Nobby
    Excellent. Not only will Setanta finally fold, but they remove money (even if it is pocket change £3m) from the Scottish game.
  • Jeffrey
    Woo At least customers wont get screwed having to subscribe to two different providers now just to watch the premiership matches...
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Because Sky will not be able to buy up Setanta's games package, hopefully one of the terrestrial channels can sneak in and buy the package up.
  • ronnie
    goodbye shiteanta and good riddance

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