Deathwatch: How not to report massive job losses

8 July 2009



  • The S.
    Good Photoshop job, the real paper has no such headline
  • Name (.
    ^^^ Booo!
  • Rob L.
    Sadly it does look faked, the position of the blow (ooh err) looks wrong.
  • TV' P.
    Thats an absolutely shocking photoshop mock. Truly abysmal.
  • bawbag
    BW's "version" doesn't even make sense. Another excellent article - keep up the good work! :thumbs up:
  • tay
    well its certainly there if you read the digital version on their website?
  • Andy D.
    At what point did we say it wasn't faked? Steamboat Wilie? It's faked everyone!
  • veedubjai
    It's a conspiracy. What's this, BW running a shadow organisation within the journalism industry to overthrown smaller newspaper groups.

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