Deathwatch: Best Buy pack up and go back to the USA

7 November 2011

retail deathwatch They came, they saw, and now they’re going away again. ‘They’ are Best Buy, the giant American electrical retailer, who have announced the closure of their 11 ‘big box’ UK stores, with 1,100 workers affected.

The store network was a joint effort with Carphone Warehouse and they say that staff will be redeployed. Latest results show that the venture made an £80m loss this year as plans to create a network of more than 200 UK stores failed to ever get going.

The stores that will close are in Aintree, Bristol, Croydon, Derby, Enfield, Hayes, Hedge End, Merry Hill, Nottingham, Rotherham and Thurrock. With Argos and Comet also in dire trouble, it remains to be seen what happens to the electrical retail market after this.

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  • Delenn
    Disappointing really. Their stores were nice, their staff was decent. 18 months seems so short a time to attempt to break into a market. With zero brand awareness other than anyone who has been to the USA, I thought their marketing wasn't enough. They will be remembered for giving DSG a kick up the proverbial. I hope DSG don't loose those gains they have made.
  • Noghar
    Probably not their fault they choose to launch just when the slump was hitting consumers hardest. DSG must be heaving a sigh of relief and cancelling their plans to be more competitive. It's a real shame. So... when's the closing-down sale?
  • Soapdish
    Gutted. First time I used Best Buy for a Sony TV and they messed me around. One call to customer service team later and the way they dealt with me was second to none. Very satisfied customer and came back time and time again. Much better staff then you find in comet/curries too who seem to no nothing about the products they sell (unless its a product they are earning extra commission on that week)
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Well that lasted a long time, NOT!!! In the last year I have purchased a dishwasher, a plasma TV, a touchpad and researched buying a washing machine. None of those products came from BestBuy or even came close on any of their deals. So are some of the stores remaining open then, which ones? As above, I thought the marketing was very poor...
  • spyro
    Can't say that I thought they were cheaper than dixons, currys etc so no overriding reason to shop there. They were no different to anyone else.
  • Richard M.
    It's hard to see why any company would venture into a new territory without a really good Unique Selling Point. With Comet, Currys and Argos all offering similar products to Best Buy, surely anyone could see that all that would happen is they each get a smaller slice of an ever decreasing size of cake. As to Argos's current woes, they actually have one of the best ranges of laptops, at very good prices, yet nowhere in the specialist computer magazines do you see an advert telling people about this. Argos need to get their marketing sorted out if they are to avoid going the way of Best Buys.
  • Kevin
    With so few stores it's not surprising they aren't thinking it's worthwhile. Theres no identity in the UK, I bet theres a lot of people who have never heard of them which isn't good as they've been here for 18 months. Spyro is right though, even if you did know them and did look there was practically no actual difference between them. Really most sales must surely come down to what deal there is on products at any given time. Argos still seem really bad and low-quality. They need to up their game and then they could really be a decent alternative to the likes of Comet/Currys. If I'd have realised it was a deal with the Carphone Warehouse I wouldn't have been so thoughtful about their prospects.
  • Phil
    Not surprised in the least. The hedge end (Southampton) store was the second to open and 2 minutes walk from my work place. I've went on the opening day and got a bargain DVD player but since then I've been back maybe 3 times and bought nothing. I've been in the PCWorld/Currys mega store 2 miuntes the other direction far more times and actually bought an item or two in that time. Why - its cheaper and better variety of stock. Still prefer online though.
  • Deathwatch t.
    So now we are left with the dire 'relaunched' CurrysPCWorld stores, which have virtually nothing in them, Comet who only seem to want to gouge your eyes out now and Argos....well they are just a joke. At least BestBuy were making an effort - well laid out stores, good selection and more than enough online misprices to keep feeding HDUK with plenty of commission.
  • Worst B.
    The selection of blu rays in my local Currys PC world has been the same since the day it opened. Its as if nothing got made after Oceans 12
  • Yue
    Hmm, Cameron said the private sector will save us when he aid off all of the public sector's workers. So now we have shitty services and the yanks are up and leaving after a year. Go tories.
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