DealExtreme now dispatching faster from UK warehouse

DealExtreme-Logo1-300x238 Here’s some good news for those of you who like to get your electronic bits and bobs from DealExtreme. You probably don’t mind that you have to wait a couple of weeks to get your stuff seeing as how it comes from some far-flung location, especially as said stuff is normally so cheap.

As of now, you won’t have to wait that long (well, not for some stuff anyway), because DX have cobbled together a UK warehouse and will be delivering stuff in 1-3 business days, as opposed to a couple of weeks.

Smashing news! But what are the snags? There’s NONE – oh, apart from a couple. Firstly, it’s still early days for the UK warehouse, and there’s a limited range of goods that will be dispatched from there. Secondly, prices of items delivered from the UK seem to be slightly higher, but when you’re eliminating the long wait, maybe that’s okay.

You happy with that? No? What do you want – BLOOD??

[thanks to HUKD member Scribbles]


  • Mark
    Hang on - the website says: PLEASE NOTE. UK warehouse items can be only shipped to France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and Portugal. Does that mean the UK warehouse does not ship to the UK ?
  • I'm a.
    ^^ No need to ship to mainland UK, just post it.

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