Commercial Break: Sweet FA to aspire to here

Football’s back – thank fuck for that. It’s been a grim summer without a European Championship or a World Cup to keep us going, but the bread and butter stuff returned last weekend, with live Saturday tea-time action weirdly shown on BBC1 and a bunch of mad opening day results across the country (sorry Norwich fans.)

But the game goes on at all levels and the nodding dogs at the FA have commissioned an ad to show that they care about the grass roots, even if it’s the blazer-wearing buffoons who revel in banning the types of misbehaving lads in ads like this who get to go to the Cup Final for nowt in May.

Yes, it’s the FA trying to look hip and with it, but failing horribly, as you’d expect. Firstly they’ve made the lazy media assumption that all Sunday league football is played on Hackney Marshes – while it evidently makes for a cheaper production, it'll inevitably grate with part-timers across the country.

Secondly, there’s more than a nod aimed in the direction of Guy Ritchie’s Nike ad from last year. Don’t get us wrong – Mr Madonna’s made a lot go a very long way over the years, but his ad captured the imagination of most supporters. This year’s effort shows that if you don’t bother applying yourself, you can end up with a kick in the nuts every week as well as getting a slap off the missus for thinking you’re a big time Charlie.

Only ten months to the World Cup, people…


  • Lumoruk
    Brilliant ad and all so true
  • Martha F.
    "Football's back" yeah... bril...
  • The B.
    Anyone watch the Autralia/SA match at the weekend? That shoulder charge leading to the sin bin was superb, you can't inflict too much damage on Saffers.
  • Martha F.
    "Only ten months to the World Cup, people…" Oh joy, a load of nob heads in pubs and everyone jumping on the football bandwagon, great.
  • Bob
    Cant wait till the World cup starts to see the English look for more excuses why they didnt win the world cup again.
  • Tiny S.
    @ Martha Focker "Oh joy, a load of nob heads in pubs..." This is any day of the week, especially Fri or Sat. You can hardly blame football. Especially as most of them can't pronounce their own name, let alone chant "ingerland"
  • RSG
    Only gays or saddos dont like football welcome back to the national game!

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