Commercial Break: Sir Bobby Robson RIP



  • Dan
    RIP. Will be sorely missed.
  • acecatcher3
    +1 legend
  • goon
    seemed like a good guy still, i didnt know him personally so who cares why can't someone annoying die like jordan/peter andre or any of the big brother useless twat wannabe arseholes. that would probably brighten my day. or robbie williams. he gets on my tits. my death list is actually quite big thinking about it fact
  • Geoff J.
    "still, i didnt know him personally so who cares" You are a complete moron. RIP Bobby Robson, you were a hero and inspiration to so many. Genuinely sad to see him go
  • Brunoo
    A great manager, did a great deal for FC Porto, and Jose Mourinho. R.I.P.

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