Commercial Break: Mumford & Sons are breaking records with a record we’d like to break

3 October 2012

News has emerged that the new effort from Mumford & Sons has become the fastest-selling album of the year so far - in the United Kingdom AND the USA. Apart from being baffled as to who the people are who are lapping up this bewilderingly-popular posh crusty pop crap, you might also be wondering where you’ve have heard their sound before?

Here you go… NOW it’s all coming back to you, right?

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  • Chewbacca
    Saw the following text on the "HUKD blogs" boxout on HUKD: "Commercial Break: Mumford & Sons are bre..." "breeding gay donkeys?" "breadthways inserting cucumbers into their anuses?" "breastfeeding each other, the fucking weirdos!" Alas, non, They're still fucking shit. Music for morons.
  • Avon B.
    Saw them at Glastonbury. Not very good.
  • StackedTimothy
    I love Mumford & Sons, they are dench as :D They deserve this.

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