Commercial Break: Come on Tim!!

Now that England have been dumped out of the World Cup, English types can turn their attentions towards supporting a Scottish man in the tennis, and pretending that it all means just as much.

Meanwhile, the rest of the UK, who have been backing Andy Murray from the start, carry on as normal, quietly waiting for his graceful exit sometime over the next few days.

The man himself has put together this skilful little montage of his tennis tricks as an ad for some sponsor or other and it shows that there really is more to tennis than just hitting the ball hard and grunting like a bull that’s got its knackers caught on a barbed wire fence.

It’s patently obvious from this that Murray’s best friend is his tennis racket and his eternal nemesis is the tennis ball. Maybe it explains why he’s such a miserable little tit, maybe not.

All we know is that if some of the tricks and stunts that feature in this ad were included in the sport of tennis itself, we’d be less inclined to use the Wimbledon coverage as a way of examining the latest fashions in the women’s game and more inclined to treat it like a proper sport, like darts.


  • zacspeed
    Can't fucking stick tennis, but that's some clever shit!
  • The B.
    Hmm, so they've got an uptight dickhead to advertise Head, nice, now if they'd just move the tennis over to Sky Sports and put decent programming on terrestrial I'd be happy to never see the moany Scottish adolescent again, and he can take Rooney with him.
  • Junkyard
    Get over it.
  • F. F.
    This may explain why I got hit on the head with a tennis ball & showered in shattered porcelain the other week...
  • DavtT
    I will be supporting anyone anyone but Murray
  • jim

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