'Cat café' could be coming to London

Would you like to go to a London café that is absolutely riddled with cats? Better still, would you like to invest in one? If so, 2013 could very much be your year.

As pioneered in Japan, plans are afoot (or should that be ‘apaw’ – LOL!) for a cat café to open in London later in the year. As well as enjoying drinks and snacks, visitors will be able to play with the hordes of felines that will live in the café.

Lauren Pears, who has hatched the plan, says “A cat café is just like a regular café,” while conveniently forgetting about ALL THE CATS. She hopes to open Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium if she can get enough crowdfunding for the idea.

Lauren says that approval for the café has already been granted by the Food Standards Agency, animal wardens and licensing offers. She needs a total of £108,000 to make it happen and has got 45 days left to raise the cash. A shrewd way to invest your Christmas money?


  • Fat b.
    Why the hell would I want to eat or drink anything in a fur covered, cat piss fumed "emporium"?
  • Cat C.
    [...] Bitter Wallet [...]

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