Cash on London buses? Don't be ridiculous

15 April 2013

Bitterwallet - new Routemaster buses Transport for London won't be accepting cash on their buses any more from as early as this year.

Only 1.5% of bus fares are paid for in cash in That London, presumably because most residents have an Oyster Card. Leon Daniels, TfL’s Managing Director, Surface Transport, said it costs around £15m to collect cash fares on buses (the BBC reckon it is closer to £35m) so they'll have to go and there's no point moaning about it if you've lost your travel card or whatever.

Labour London Assembly member Val Shawcross said: "Being able to pay with cash on buses must continue as an emergency option for people who have lost their Oyster cards and need to get home. It’s not safe to take this away from Londoners who might have no other choice and could find themselves stranded."

The TfL aren't having any of that.

Leon Daniels added: "No vulnerable people are left behind on our bus network. [Bus drivers] make these decisions every day."

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  • Michael
    I'm sure that most stops in Zone 1 are 'cashless' anyway. Loads of bus stops have a ticket machine that accepts cash payments before you board.
  • BJD
    The "pay before you board" ticket machines were removed when the bendy buses were replaced, meaning that something else will be needed.
  • Captain.Cretin
    And what about day trippers and other tourists, how are they going to pay? Or are you forcing them into taxis??
  • LD
    Yet another reason not to go London :-)
  • james
    @Captain.Cretin - Tourists can get an oyster card at any station and loads of other places. You then can cash it back in and get your money and deposit back at the end of your trip. You can even order them to be sent to you in the post before you head to london. Easy.
  • Noghar
    It actually costs TFL ££255m to collect cash fares. See? I can pull made-up figures out of my arse just as easily as any PR department or the BBC.
  • Justin A.
    @Captain.Creti Agreed. I went to uni in London (used a weekly pass) then back down for a job interview 7 years later (job was not based in London). Boarded a bus, asked the cost for my destination, ignorant/grumpy driver said nothing but jabbed a finger towards the pay machine, as if that was enough explanation for something I had no advance knowledge of. @james Plenty of visitors will not know about advance purchases or the sell-back scheme. It's the arrogance of London assuming the rest of the world know how its transport system works, and fair for people to think buses would take cash, like they do elsewhere.
  • chewbacca
    I only accept cash nosh nosh nosh
  • Sawyer
    Can the rest of the country now get with the times? If I want to catch a bus, I need to find a cash machine, withdraw cash, then find a shop and select a purchase such that I end up with change in a denomination the driver is willing to accept.
  • Dick
    Tourists from abroad won't have a problem with it. Many cities in France, Germany, Italy, etc have cashless buses.

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