Cadbury's Tiffin to come back

Cadbury Tiffin

Remember Cadbury's Tiffin? Chances are, most don't remember it at all. No matter though, because the chocolate bar is going to make a comeback and appear in shops soon.

The supermarket and newsagent shelves of the UK will again star Cadbury's chocolate bar, in which you'll find pieces of biscuit and raisins.

Once again, it has been revived after a number of people petitioned for it on social media. If you want any old snack back, it seems the way to do it is to start a Facebook group.

We're still half-hoping for a return of hedgehog flavoured crisps, because we can't remember what they taste like.

However, in a bid to create a bit of buzz around the rerelease of the tiffin bar, only a limited number are going to be released. Unless you live in Ireland of course, where you can get them anywhere (should you want to order a load on the internet).

3 million of these bars – renamed Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin – will be on sale from June 1st, and it'll cost you £1.49 for a 95g bar.

Cadbury marketing director Matthew Williams said: "It was such a huge success that consumers have been appealing for its return on social media."

"We know consumers are looking for new tastes, experiences and textures so, with its classic recipe, we believe this limited edition tablet will deliver an exciting eating experience."

So there you go.

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