Cadbury's have changed Roses


Cadbury have been messing around with Roses, changing the packaging and even the shape of two favourites contained within!

Now, people get very angry when chocolates and treats are messed with, so we expect at least one online petition, and someone saying that they're already thinking about Christmas, and how this news has ruined it.

This makeover cost a whopping £3 million, which basically translates into the box having a purple-to-sky blue fade on the front, and the twisty-packaging being replaced.

The proper name for the new chocolate wrapping is 'flow wrappers', which are easier to open and should keep your chocolates fresher, for longer. It also means that no treats will slip outside of their packets whilst inside the box, which is something.

Now, you're probably thinking about the size of the chocolate, as a redesign is usually a handy way of distracting you from the goods being smaller, or cheaper.

Cadbury assures us that the pack sizes and recommended retail prices are going to stay the same.

There's a redesign of the actual shape of some of the chocolates too.

Dave Shepherd, head of innovation at Cadbury, said: "Holding the chocolate in your mouth and letting it melt slightly before you bite will allow for maximum flavour and the moment of enjoyment will last even longer."

"That's why we've opted for this new design, as the more rounded and smoother shape fits better to the contours of your mouth, creating a better melt in the mouth experience."

Sounds a bit dirty that.

Cadbury marketing manager Claire Low said: "The number one complaint about Cadbury Roses in 2014 was around the issue of poorly wrapped chocolates tainting the flavours of other chocolates in the tub. We wanted to take steps to ensure quality is of the highest standard in every pack."

"Although we appreciate there may be some traditionalists who still love the old twist wrap, it is important to us to ensure that we listen to the majority of our customers and address their issues by delivering Cadbury Roses in the highest quality."

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