Burger King: Now doing hash pipe children's meals

19 July 2013

burger-king-simpsons A dirty hash pipe filled with drugs has been found inside a Burger King kids meal, which is nice isn't it?

Some customer was pretty surprised to discover the drug paraphernalia when he opened the meal he had bought for his 4-year-old grandson at a branch in Dundee, Michigan.

Instead of laughing it off, some berk called the police, where a 23-year-old employee admitted the drugs were his and that he had hidden them in the meal to keep them out of sight while he worked.

Dundee Police Chief David Uhl said: "[The grandfather] had seen them in the parking lot and saw them interacting with the employee, so he thought that was suspicious, so he did a really great thing; He wrote down a description of the car and gave a license plate."

The employee, and two other suspects have been arrested and charged with drug possession.

Uhl added: "Very serious when our children are involved. Luckily, this family was on top of it and saw it right away when the grandson opened it up."


  • shiftynifty
    Is this not where most stoners work.....for the munchies in their life
  • fibbingarchie
    Well at Burger King in Dundee, Scotland, customers would never be surprised at such an occurrence. The city is a junkie shitehole.
  • dandoc2
    "Instead of laughing it off" - Drugs paraphernalia in a kids meal......hilarious when the owner has diseases and your kid is putting it in his mouth.
  • hotmail r.
    Oooh, all those diseases that love to live on hash pipes, like hashatitus b, smokepox, budonic plague (look out for lots of people lying on the floor not moving, lazy fucks), ganga-enteritis (talking shit) and chillmydia (without treatment, this can lead to a serious case of crackpox)... are you sure you're a real doctor dandoc2?
  • badger
    What, no hopeless stoner loser commenting here with chill/flex/shmoke da weed/herb/ganga? I'm disappointed in you.

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